About the IPParalegal Institute

The IPParalegal Institute evolved from the IPParalegals Paralegal Training Program to become the intellectual property industry's preeminent paralegal education & training institution. An independent and coeducational institution based in the United States of America, the IPP Institute specializes in delivering comprehensive instruction in the fields of patent, trademark and copyright prosecution.

The Institute administers Paralegal Certificate Programs in both Patent Prosecution and Trademark Prosecution fields of study, as well as full Intellectual Property Prosecution Paralegal Certificates. Additionally the IPP Institute conducts Certificate of Specialized Study Courses that furnish students with focused learning in individual intellectual property prosecution disciplines. Non-certificate Professional Development courses and classes are also available.

Additionally the Institute provides customized training that can be tailored to meet a law firm's or corporate legal team's needs, and scaled to address an organization's technical requirements for their specialists, paralegals, assistants, secretaries, docket administrators and docketing clerks.

The Institute's Paralegal Certificate Programs are comprised of prerequisite Certificate of Specialized Study Courses; which are offered as live online webinars. Self-paced eLearning studies are in development, which will benefit from 100s of hours of recorded online live classroom instruction. (We've been doing this awhile.) Non-certificate Professional Development courses are available as live online webinar courses or classes and syndicated video-on-demand webinar courses or classes, as well as webinars or classes at the work site as arranged by your employer.

Established before the World Wide Web had its first browser, the IPParalegal Institute, together with its founding community of learned and seasoned educators, are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. The Institute's instructors are committed to developing disciplined technicians and true nonlawyer professionals in the field of intellectual property prosecution.

Accuracy • Accountability • Attention to detail ... the hallmarks of an IPParalegal graduate.

    2015 Schedule
IPP101: IP Paralegal Ethics, Billing & Administration Fundamentals course begins.
PPF101: U.S. Patent Forms & Filing Fundamentals course begins.
PPF102: U.S. Patent Prosecution Fundamentals Course begins.
    2016 Schedule
PCT101: Patent Cooperation Treaty Forms & Filing Fundamentals course begins.
PCT102: Patent Cooperation Treaty Prosecution Fundamentals course begins.
FPF101: Foreign Patent Filing Fundamentals course begins.
TPF101: Trademark Forms, Filing & Prosecution Fundamentals course begins.